Friday, February 11, 2011

Trouble in Escargotville

Almost every year at least one student loses their dear baby snail during the adopt an escargot project, and this year is no exception!  Jen came to see me after school last week to tell me the terrible news that she couldn't find her baby escargot.  So I told her she had to wear the "necklace of shame" (which is not unlike the Scarlet Letter, I explained), for the whole day at school, and that whenever anyone asked her about it, she had to tell them what happened.  The class found this very amusing.  In fact I'm now wondering if perhaps the snail might have been kidnapped.

Jen wearing the necklace of shame.  The snail is crying, and it says "I lost my baby escargot!"

I also required this student to make some fliers explaining that her baby was lost and I had her put them up in the hallways.  Here's what they look like:

So far, Jen's baby has not been the saga continues!  My students are getting more and more caught up in the story of their baby snails, and they're using their French the whole time.  I love it :).

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