Friday, February 18, 2011

More Fun in Escargotville

A week or so after starting the fabulous adopt an escargot project, I asked my students to write the names of their baby snails on a slip of paper and fold it up.  They dropped these papers into a hat, and then I passed the hat around the room for each student to draw a name.  I told them to keep it a secret.  Their homework assignment was to find out what that particular baby snail liked in a non-chalant way, and then think of a gift to bring to that baby on Friday.  Friday we had an Adoption Day Party for all the baby escargots.  Students had to present their gifts to the class in French (for a grade), explaining what the gift was and why they were giving it to that particular baby. 

This one was my favorite.  An escargot jacuzzi!! (a jar filled with water)

This young man is giving a map of Michigan to Jen, who LOST her poor baby (see previous post!), so that her baby will never get lost again!

No party is complete without treats.  We had sugar cookies shaped like snails, courtesy of a gift from Le Grand Escargot (The Big Snail...creator of the Adopt an Escargot program, also known as Nancy Hudson).  Nancy sent all of us an escargot cookie cutter one year as a surprise in our escargot kits.  Merci beaucoup, Nancy!

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