Monday, May 1, 2017

How to use a mannequin in your classroom #15: L'accident de Jacques!

One of my goals each school year is to find new ways to use my classroom mannequins in my lessons.  I enjoy creating & teaching these lessons, and my students really love them too!  Last week I had a new idea.  In French IV, we've been studying how to talk about accidents and doctor visits.  I decided to dress Jacques up as though he'd had an accident.  Here's what he looked like:

Instead of having the students describe what happened in random pictures of people who had suffered various accidents (found in their textbook), I asked them to describe what happened to Jacques.  This was instantly more interesting to them.  And they were interested in the lesson as soon as they entered the classroom...they wanted to know what had happened to Jacques.

Students were asked to take photos with their iPads of Jacques' head, neck, hand and leg.

Jacques has a bandage on his head, and stitches on his neck!!
Jacques has a scar on his hand from a burn!!
Jacques has a cast on his leg, and he's using crutches to walk!!

I asked students to tell what type of accident Jacques had, and then to describe each of his injuries and the treatment for each injury.  They used the Adobe Spark Video app to record themselves describing what happened in each photo that they took.  They were able to share their presentations with me, and we watched what each student had created.

For any of you who are able to use apps in your classrooms, I've been using Adobe Spark Video frequently and find it to be reliable and easy to use.  It allows students to import photos and make voice recordings over the photos.

I hope you enjoyed this idea!  Happy teaching...summer is just around the corner.

P.S.  I bought the fake scars & stitches at a Halloween store.

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Adobe Spark Video  


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