Friday, June 28, 2013

Doodle Buddy App for iPad

We have just completed our second year of a 1:1 iPad program at my high school!  Now that it's summer (hip, hip, hooray!!), I'm reflecting on the apps that I've used in class & trying to determine which ones have been the most useful. One that I seem to keep turning to is called Doodle Buddy

Doodle Buddy is a FREE white board app.  Students can draw or type in various colors and styles on a blank white board.  They can also change the background of their boards to designs offered within the app, or they can upload their own photos from their camera roll as the background.  I've found this last feature particularly useful.
Here's an example of how I used this app while helping students to practice using ordinal numbers.  In the past, I would have had students draw animals, placing them on different levels of Noah's Ark, on a worksheet as they listened to my instructions in French.  This year I tried this instead:  students used a photo of Noah's Ark as their background in Doodle Buddy.  Then, rather than draw the animals on various levels, they were able to use the "stamps" provided within the app since many of these stamps represented the animals I asked them to draw.  Some of my students still wanted to draw the animals rather than use the stamps.  It was much quicker & easier for those who chose the stamps.  Once the activity was complete, students were able to share their doodle buddy with me via email. 
You can see that this student chose to type his French name at the top of the photo, scribble out something on the bottom right , and use animal stamps to place the animals on the appropriate levels of the ark. 
The possibility of drawing on top of photos is one that I find to be very useful in a French classroom!  I'm sure that I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of all the ways this app could be used, and I'm hoping to discover more ways to use it next year!


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