Thursday, November 15, 2012

Morfo App for iPad!

Wow!!  I just learned about a new app called Morfo.  The English teachers at my high school were using it in their classes, and one of my students showed it to me.  This app allows you to animate a photo of a person's face and you can also add audio.  You can cause the face to show different emotions such as surprise, or you can make the face smile.  My mind is spinning with ideas about how I can use this in French class!

Naturally, I tried using it to make my classroom mannequin come to life!  In the past, I've used the FaceJack app (which I also LOVE) to bring my mannequins to life.  But Morfo offers even more possibilities!  Here's a quick sample of my classroom mannequin in the Morfo app.
I decided to try using Morfo with my French IV class last week.  We're currently reading Le Comte de Monte-Cristo. I assigned each student a character from the book and asked them to find a photo of the character online.  Then they each made a Morfo with the photo, and recorded themselves speaking as if they were that character.  Watching the Morfos was a nice way to review characters from the section of the book we were currently studying.  Here's an example of one.  This is Jacopo from The Count of Monte-Cristo.

Yay, Morfo! :)



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