Monday, June 18, 2012

Using iPad as a document camera

I've learned via Twitter that the iPad can be used as a document camera quite easily.  All you have to do is put your iPad in camera mode as though you were going to take a photo, but you don't actually take one.  You just leave it in camera mode so that it projects whatever it's pointed at...such as the document you'd like to show your class.  Because I am lucky enough to have Apple TV in my classroom, I'm able to mirror my iPad screen wirelessly onto the big screen at the front of my classroom.  Et voila...there you have it!  There is one necessary piece of equipment to make this all needs to be able to position the iPad above the document at the appropriate distance.  I started searching the web and discovered that teachers were making their own iPad stands for this purpose out of PVC pipes among other things.  But then I found a stand made just for this purpose.  It's called the Cobra SnakeClamp.  My family gave me one for Mother's Day!  Here it is.

In this photo, the Snake Clamp is attached to my desk.  As you can see, it has 3 adjustable joints, enabling you to get the iPad into any imaginable position.  Your iPad will snap easily and securely into the black grip, which can also be adjusted in any direction.  I used this for the last few weeks of school this year to project documents, and it worked well.  I discovered that I wanted to be free to roam about the room (and not confined to my desk) so I attached the Snake Clamp to an overhead projector cart so that I could move around the room.  I also used this to film student skits by pointing the iPad towards the students.  I love it!     


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