Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Adopt an Escargot!

We're snowed in here in Michigan today and school is closed!  What a great day to drink coffee, sit by the fire and catch up on blogging.  My colleague John tells me that he doesn't understand some of my posts because he doesn't speak French, so I'll try and explain more clearly for any of you who aren't language teachers :).

Are you wondering what Adopt an Escargot is?  It's a project that French students can participate in and it involves adopting a baby snail, which is really an empty snail shell.  Shells come with unique personality profiles, baby books, games and more and are purchased from  Students write about the lives of their babies and share their stories with other students.  And of course, they do all of this in French.  My students adore this project.  This young lady wasn't able to take French III, but came to see me for a baby snail anyways!

I try to get the rest of my high school interested in what's going on in the French room by putting up posters in the hallways when the project begins.  They look like this:

The point of this project is to get students reading, writing and speaking French, and mine get so excited about the snails that they almost forget that they're really just practicing their French!  Voila the genius of it.  Merci mille fois (thanks a million) to Le Grand Escargot (the big snail), who also goes by the name of Nancy Hudson...she's the one who created it all!


  1. I'm working on connecting you with some other French teachers around the country. People are making recommendations via twitter of people to follow and blogs to read. I'll compile the list and share it with you later!

  2. Thanks, John! I really appreciate it, especially since I know how busy you are. Have a great weekend.



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