Friday, March 25, 2011

Field Trip to a French Pastry Shop!

I am incredibly fortunate to work only a few miles away from one of the most authentic French pastry shops I've ever visited outside of France.  Owned and run by a French family, Le Petit Prince pastry shop in Birmingham, MI is without a doubt worth the trip!  They also sell bread and chocolate. The front window is a refrigerated showcase for their chocolate.  Check out this Easter hen...and yes, it's made entirely of chocolate!

Naturally, I take my students here on field trips.  The owners are always very gracious and patient with the large groups I bring, and they very kindly speak French with anyone who makes an attempt.  Here's some video of my French III & IV students at the shop just last week.


And here's more video of an amazing chocolate Easter bunny.  The glass case that the owner is opening for me is filled with more Easter chocolate.  And I absolutely love the little party cakes...look for the little frogs and the little pigs.


We had a wonderful time visiting this shop together and I'm sure my students will remember it for a long time.  Every time I go, I ask myself why I don't make time to visit more often (other than the fact that I probably shouldn't be eating French pastry EVERY DAY :).  For me, stepping across the threshold is like stepping into France.  I'd highly recommend a might even inspire you to go home and learn how to speak French!!!


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