Monday, July 4, 2011

Activity for the iPad with Adopt an Escargot

I mentioned in an earlier post how excited I am about finding ways to use my new iPad2 in the classroom!  I also mentioned my favorite app so far, called Face Jack.  Here's an example of how students could use the Face Jack app on their iPads in conjunction with the adopt an escargot project which I currently use in my third year French class.

If you're unfamiliar with adopt an escargot, it involves students "adopting" a snail shell and inventing the life of the snail.  My students love it!  I used one of the shells that came in my adopt an escargot kit in this video.  I also used one of the profiles that came in the kit to describe this particular snail.  I plan on asking my students to make a video about their adopted snails next year, and to use Face Jack in the video.  Obviously, students would be speaking French in their videos.

What do you think? 


  1. Quelle bonne idée, Renée! J'attends avec
    impatience voir d'autres Escargots sur
    Face Jacques! Enfin, la voix des Escargots
    sera entendue partout.
    Nancy Hudson
    Le Grand Escargot

  2. Awesome! I love it! I'm glad that you are getting creative with that iPad!

  3. Hi Renée,

    My name's Andrew Chalkley, co-founder of Secret Monkey Science, creators of FaceJack. We're so happy that you like FaceJack and have included in your classes.

    We'd love to hear your story on how you found FaceJack and how you use it. If there's any feature requests you'd like us to include we're happy to look at them.

    Drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you.


  4. Great to hear from you, Andrew! I love FaceJack and am dreaming up ways to use it in my classroom this year. I will definitely be writing posts and showing examples of how I use it as the year unfolds.

    Thanks for your comment!



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