Tuesday, June 21, 2011


All students & teachers in my high school will have the new iPad2 next fall!  The teachers were given their iPads last week, and then we had 3 days of training on how to use them.  My amazing colleagues John and Karen shared their vast knowledge with the rest of us and inspired us to figure out how to use them effectively in our classrooms.  

My favorite app so far is called FaceJack.  I can't wait to make some new movies about Jacques the mannequin to use in my classroom.  Here's what you can do with FaceJack:

It's simple, easy and in my opinion, INCREDIBLE!  In addition to making videos about Jacques, I've thought of a few more ways to use this:
  • Students could make FaceJacks of French or American celebrities or historical or political figures, or even of anonymous people.  They could be asked to say, "hello, my name is...., I'm x years old, I'm american/french..." (or more, for advanced students).  Then they could share them with the class.  Students could even vote on their favorite (using Google moderator!), and a prize could be given to the winner.
  • French III students could use FaceJack with the adopt an escargot project.  They could be asked to make a video about their escargots (snails), and they could use FaceJack to make their snails talk!
Stay tuned for more posts on how to use the iPad2 in your classroom!

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  1. I am so excited to see the creative things that your class will be creating using your iPads this year. Makes me wish I could take French class again!



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