Thursday, April 7, 2011


Part of the adopt an escargot project which I've spoken of in earlier posts involves students creating a dwelling for their baby snails.  Dwellings can be made of virtually anything the student desires to use!  So, the variety tends to be endless, which I greatly enjoy.  Here are some of the houses my students made.

This baby, named Pickle, lives in an empty pickle jar.
A closer view of baby Pickle in her cosy bed!
Marcel the Shell lives here.  If you've seen the video of Marcel the Shell, you'll understand the significance of this house.  (See my earlier posts for the video!)

This next snail is named Destiny's Child :).

If you look closely, you can see the baby snail on the far right.  The student cut a hole where the face should be so the  snail could be inserted.  The head of the woman in the middle is a photo of the mother of this snail.

This baby lives in a mailbox!

We built the city of Escargotville in a corner of the classroom by assembling all the snail dwellings together.  Eventually students wrote essays in French in which they described in detail what their snail's home looked like and what their snail did in Escargotville each day, among other things. 

Shhh!  Quiet!!  Baby snails!

As you might imagine, students in other levels of French get very interested in what's going on with this project once Escargotville is constructed.  I make sure I take the opportunity to talk about how exciting the project is, which I hope will encourage them to consider continuing on in their study of French. 
Vive Escargotville!


  1. Your creativity in the way you teach French constantly amazes me! Certainly not the way I learned French many years ago. Thanks for the inspiring way that you make learning fun.

  2. Awww, thanks Karen! That really means a lot to me, coming from someone as talented and creative as yourself:).



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