Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to Use a Mannequin in Your Classroom #6: Learning to Describe the Weather!

I used my friend Jacques (the mannequin) to teach students to describe the weather today!  I had a conversation with him about what the weather was like.  He started out looking like this:
Jacques said, "It's nice today"!

Then I changed his attire a little and asked him what the weather was like again:

Jacques said, "It's cool today".

I used a spray bottle filled with water and unexpectedly misted my students with the water as I asked Jacques again what the weather was like.

Jacques said, "It's raining".

It must be really cold outside, because Jacques' lips are BLUE :).

My students look forward to hearing these conversations with Jacques as part of their lesson!

I took this picture today when I saw these young ladies walk right over to Jacques to give him a hug as they entered the classroom!

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