Thursday, August 12, 2010

Recycled Pocket Folders

Make something new and interesting for your classroom and get yourself excited for the adventure of a new school year!  You can even reuse and recycle at the same time.  I reused some pocket folders.  For this one, I made a collage out of magazine pages and glued it to the folder.  Then I covered the whole thing with clear packing tape.  I think they will last a long time, and they'll be fun to use, too. I plan to use these for collecting homework.

Do you notice the mannequins in the pictures?  I used these because I have life-like mannequins in my classroom.  Stay tuned, because I plan to share many ideas about how I use these mannequins to teach French!

Here's one that I covered with an old map of Paris (left).  On the right is my lesson plan book.  I used an old map from the French university I attended for the cover.

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  1. Yahooo. I get to leave your first comment! Looks awesome. Looking forward to seeing all your creative ideas!



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